# Self Defense is the most essential life skill

only way to secure women’s lives is for them to be independent and truly have power in their own hands


To make a safer world for everyone

At Ignite foundation, we dream to train every girl in the country to defend themselves effectively and efficiently. Group of people from armed forces, corporate world and the education domain who share similar vision came together to form Ignite Foundation. 

To achieve our dream, we designed a street effective self defense system after extensive research and experiments over the years combining best of the techniques from Krav Maga, KAPAP, Silat and Kali. Thousands of girls were already trained in our self defense system and our mission is to train 10,000 girls in the year 2019.



— Workshops

Two hour  introductory workshop for children and women covering basic concepts of our self defense system. Good platform to know about our system


— S.D for Girls

Sponsored Self Defense course for under-privileged girls covers basic strikes, defense against common attacks, forced hugs, chokes, hand grabs, Kidnapping attempt. Covers de-escalation tactics and methods to handle trauma. Encourages child to speak up when they encounter harm. 


— S.D for Women

Sponsored Self Defense course covers basic strikes, defense against common attacks, forced hugs, chokes, hand grabs, Kidnapping attempt, sexual assault. Also covers defense in confined spaces, de-escalation tactics and methods to handle trauma. 


— Research

We analyse crimes and develop efficient techniques to prevent and defend. We work with like minded martial art experts around to develop our self defense system. We travel around the world to learn and adopt new methods in to our self defense system. 


— L.E Best practises

We work with International experts to develop effective CQB techniques for Law Enforcement Agencies and Armed forces. We help to develop SOPs and best practices for field operations. 


— We Consult

We help Govt. agencies to plan and conduct self defense programs. We work with other NGO’s to create awareness about the need to learn self defense. 




support us and change the course of a child’s life today!